Management at The Michaels Organization


Our management services are closely integrated with the culture of each community and academic environment that we serve, in order to meet the needs of our residents and client institutions. Partnering with The Michaels Organization as your long-term partner for on-campus communities fosters greater affordability for students. This is vital in light of today’s increasing educational costs. Our dedication to keeping in touch with the needs of residents covers all campus demographics: from freshman to upperclassmen and graduates, international students, married students and those with families, faculty, and staff.

Student Living Management at The Michaels Organization

Our Services

The Michaels Organization is committed to quality controls that increase efficiency, reduce risk, and support an exceptional living-learning environment. Through effective communication and collaboration, we create imaginative solutions to meet the demands of scholarship and social exchanges, campus and community, tradition and transformation.

Our services cover the entire range of management responsibilities:

  • Accounting, Financial Analysis, Reporting, and Insurance
  • Marketing, Leasing, and Conference Sales
  • Facilities Maintenance, Janitorial, and Groundskeeping
  • Information Technology
  • Safety and Security
  • Residence Life
  • Human Resources and Staffing
  • Mixed-use Retail and Offices (Commercially Leased)
  • Food Service (Commercially Leased)

People Matter

Technology will take you only so far, that is why we select dedicated individuals for our management team; people who have the character and personality to create a sense of place and belonging for all residents.