Finance at The Michaels Organization


Flexible Financing Options

Our experts are well-versed in and experienced with various financing types and strategies for a on-campus, off-campus and market-rate development. We have many successful, and long-standing financial partners for capital sourcing, including major banking institutions, public or private REITS, not-for-profit foundations and high-net worth individuals. In addition, USL can leverage the substantial resources of The Michaels Organization (Michaels), the largest private family housing company in the United States.

Finance at The Michaels Organization

On Campus Financing Solutions

USL Community Capital is a comprehensive capital investment program for on-campus housing and related infrastructure and amenities, akin to programs offered by REITS, but often more flexible. Our financial solutions consider the University’s long term outlook and objectives for new housing, renovations and management and the type of partnership relationship that support those goals.
•    Traditional Debt and Equity
•    Traditional Tax-Exempt Bonds
•    Manage and Maintain Acquisition Structure
Based on a thorough assessment of the market and economic conditions by evaluating key data points, we will work together to determine the best financial approach and what resources are required to meet your specific needs.