Development at The Michaels Organization


Bring us your challenge. As a privately-owned national company with diverse experience, we are able to present our partners a broader perspective. Our team of experts will help you find not just a solution, but the best solution; one that is aligned with your short term and long term goals.

  • Unmatched flexibility and resources
  • Individualized approach to each development and redevelopment
  • The goals of our clients, not shareholders, guide the process
Professional at The Michaels Organization

Partner with the Professionals

You will partner with talented professionals who are experts at streamlining the process and coordinating team efforts to ensure superior quality and sustainability at the lowest possible cost.  We can deliver your project on time, on budget, without compromising quality or your vision.

  • Low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise development
  • Affinity-based housing such as residence halls for freshmen, upperclassmen, honors and international students
  • Faculty and staff living, including single family dwellings
  • Innovative living-learning space and recreational facilities
  • Mixed-use residential & commercial models
  • Development in with rural, suburban or urban environments
  • Incorporation of technology and energy solutions
  • Financial resources with models to meet the university's specific needs

On Campus Housing

Public-Private Partnerships

Universities are facing unprecedented challenges that have a direct impact on their student housing, such as the needs of an expanding spectrum of demographic and cultural profiles, allocation of financial resources, competition to attract and maintain qualified students, keeping pace with technology, aging residence halls, and the millennials' expectations for campus living. For many universities and colleges, working with a private company such as The Michaels Organization has proven to be the optimal solution for resolving these challenges. 

Your campus is a unique community; we understand that one size does not fit all. If you want to explore more options than a "cookie-cutter" approach to your campus housing, The Michaels Organization is the right partner. Our experience with a diversified portfolio of garden-style, townhomes, mid-rise, high-rise, and mixed-use communities, in urban or suburban campus settings, is key to our proven ability to assess and develop a successful best-use model that is the right fit. We welcome the opportunity to explore how a partnership with The Michaels Organization can help you move your vision forward, quickly and efficiently, while staying true to your campus culture and mission.  

Student living at The Michaels Organization
Off campus housing at The Michaels Organization

Off Campus Housing

Partnerships are vital to our success. Discover how our financial strength adds value through a lower cost of capital and provides a sound structure that supports better financial terms. Large and small investors value our flexibility and ability to match a variety of objectives almost anywhere in North America.

Multi-Family Housing

In addition to large scale development, we are masters at developing compact and challenging sites. Our partners benefit from our breadth and depth of experience, and resources, that enable us to get the project over the finish line quickly without compromising quality. You need to be nimble in markets where trends and conditions may change; our flexibility enables us to create customized solutions that generate optimal results for short term and long term objectives.

Multi-family housing at The Michaels Organization


Our experience, extensive knowledge of both collegiate and conventional markets, and solid financial resources uniquely position The Michaels Organization to provide a thorough, seamless, accelerated process to close a sale. We are skilled at adaptive re-use and innovative re-design of existing properties to meet new market demands and the objectives of our institutional and private partners.